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Computer viruses can unfortunately find a way into any computer IT systems if the system isn't secure enough. So, we are quite used to identifying the problem and getting your PC well again by using a variety of tools open to us such as malware cleaning and anti-malware software. We scan your computer to identify threats and can typically solve most virus related problems.

If, as can be the case from time to time, the software running your computer is damaged beyond repair, we will help you back up files and user profiles and re-install Microsoft Windows to your machine. GSF Computer Services cannot be liable for loss of data but we will certainly do everything it can to minimise this.

We can also help you re-install and activate additional software you have already purchased. To do this, we will need the original installation disks and any activation keys. We will advise you at the time on what we need to accomplish this and of course help you choose the right anti virus solutions to prevent this in the future.

Call us on 01252 322 242 and let's try and prevent this in the first place!